6 Documents To Have Open During Phone Interviews

6 Documents To Have Open During Phone Interviews

Last week, Lynn discussed preparing for five phone scenarios that you may encounter in your job search. Now Lynn talks about six documents to have open and ready when speaking with company representatives. You may want to have these documents in hard copy format in a binder or in electronic format that you can access easily during conversations with company representatives.

6 documents to have open during phone interviews

  1. The cover letter or email message that you sent to the company or hiring manager
  2. The job description with key requirements highlighted
  3. The version of your resume that you sent to the company
  4. Research about the company (web site data, leadership information, products, locations, etc.)
  5. A list of points that you want to make during the conversation plus questions to ask the interviewer
  6. A personal qualification sheet to answer any question the interviewer might ask that is not on your resume (such as your salary history for each past position and your reasons for leaving each company). Download a personal qualification sheet called “Getting Started” here.

Having these documents open and at the ready will help you speak as confidently as possible and impress the interviewer with your knowledge about his/her company.

What other documents should you have on hand for phone interviews? Share your suggestions and questions via the Contact Slot Bet88 tab or on the LinkedIn group discussion board that might have brought you here. And remember to be ultra prepared for conversations with hiring company representatives as Lynn has suggested … it can help you … Get a Job!

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