How To Delete A Linkedin Connection

How To Delete A Linkedin Connection

Have you ever wished you could disconnect with certain people on LinkedIn?

You can! And you occasionally should disconnect with people if you are:

  • Conducting a stealth job search while employed and are connected to bosses and coworkers who might question why you have pumped up your profile
  • Connected to a spammer, or an annoying, dangerous or hateful person

To delete a connection:

  • Log on to LinkedIn
  • Click on the Contacts tab
  • Select Connections
  • Click the Remove Connections link (on the right side of the page)
  • Click the box next to the names of people you wish to remove
  • Click the Remove Connections box
  • Click the Yes, Remove Them box to confirm the deletions

The people you disconnect with are NOT informed that they are no longer connected with you; however they may see you in the “People You May Know” box occasionally as person with whom they may wish to connect. If that happens, they may re-invite you to connect and comment to you that they thought you were already connected with them. In that scenario, simply express surprise and then either elect to re-connect with them or click the Ignore link to ignore their invitation request.

When NOT to disconnect with people:

  • Don’t disconnect with people just because you landed a job. If this rotten economy has taught us anything, we can all benefit from having an extensive network in case we need help again one day.
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And speaking of LinkedIn connections … Feel free to invite me to connect if I can be of help to you. I will accept and you can ask me questions there because I truly do want to help you … Get a Job!