Thank God It’s Friday, But We Shall Not Letteth Forget We Work

Thank God It’s Friday, But We Shall Not Letteth Forget We Work

Usually, there are telltale signs that a client will end up screwing you on a payment and usually it’s the hard way you end up learning these. Once in a while, however, there is always a new client that passes cleanly through the bastard filter and leaves you hanging. Solution: a threat to resell the work.

Is there such a thing as an affordable lawyer for freelancers? Apparently there is. Maybe they were getting too cold in hell.

How nice would it be to take a course at MIT, Carnegie Mellon or Stanford without leaving your home or paying a single cent? Quite a nice fix to lying about your education.

Success is mighty high pedestal that drives us mad climbing it. Hey, screw success.

I’m a programmer and I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t spread the need to understand polymorphism in PHP.

Admit it, we’re all guilty of bullying poor little Comic Sans. Finally, someone has come to his defense.

A read somewhere that a person spends approximately two weeks in his or her lifetime waiting at stoplights. Well, you can guess how scary it is to imagine the amount of your lifetime spent making websites work for Internet Exploder,… sorry, I mean Explorer.

Nothing like a few places for freelancers to take five and find a little humor.

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Limewire officially closed it’s doors this week. Fear not, though. File sharing may be coming to a back alley near you.